The 30-year-old Syracuse-area man whose parents took him to court because he wouldn't leave on his own has just a week to find new accommodations.

Michael Rotondo has to be out of his parents' Camillus home by noon on June 1, according to a report in the New York Post, citing court documents filed on Thursday.

Rotondo lost his court fight this week after living rent-free for the last eight years under his parents' roof. The parents say they've repeatedly asked their son to get out, but Rotondo has says he just needs some more time to get on his feet.

In a recent note telling him to hit the road, the parents even forked over $1,100 to help their son get on his feet. Appearing on WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning this week Rotondo said he did take the money, but said it would only be enough to cover a month of rent and a security deposit.

During the interview he also acknowledged that his lost the court fight but indicated his forced departure from the home was not imminent - believing he'd have several weeks, if not months, to move.

But appears he won't have that luxury.

"This became a bad situation that I've been trying to get out of," Rotondo told Keeler.  When asked how he would handle a situation like this with his own son, he said, "I'd never throw my son out."  He said that over the years his parents have repeatedly asked him to seek therapy, something he has refused to do. "If it was free I might do it; but, I'm not going to pay for it," he added.

Rotondo indicated his parents' push to get him out kicked into high gear when he lost custody of his son.


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