True story yesterday.

A SEAL was found in the middle of the road, and as you can imagine everyone was wondering what the heck was going on. The 3-month-old waddled MILES away from its mom and the sea and made its way to a gas station before it left and waddles to the road. I know this sounds like a late April Fool's Day joke, I am sure you have already thought that out loud, but it's not.

It got out of the sea, climbed over a fish ladder, and made its way to a gas station, where people didn't know what to do, so they called 911--and the police didn't believe it at first either. The baby seal was found in the middle of a roundabout. Police brought the seal to the New York Marine Rescue Center, where apparently, it is doing real good.

So far things are good, pretty stable animal," said the rescue center's Maxine Mondello from New York Marine Rescue Center. "We're waiting for one more blood sample to look at the internal infections", according to CBS. They kind of drag their hind flippers a little, but they do make some good distance when they want to," Mondello explained.

We will keep you updated on the status of the seal when they update us later on!

EXTRA: Do you remember the story about the alligator being found in Buffalo in the creek? Someone let the gator loose and it was found in the Scajaqada Creek? It actually took officials days to lure the gator out to capture it. There was so much garbage in the creek that it made it a hiding sanctuary for the gator. The gator since is living in Florida after the wild, crazy story in Buffalo.

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