By now, most sports fans have caught wind of power-couple A-Rod and J-Lo's interest in possibly buying the New York Mets.

They've reportedly hired JP Morgan Chase to build capital for a potential bid to purchase the team. They can't do it alone, so they'd be looking to be key members in an ownership group who would actually back the transaction.

Don't get me wrong, Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are super successful and very rich! But, in terms of the super-wealthy in this world, A-Rod and J-Lo really aren't that rich.

The pair's combined worth is valued at approximately $700 million. While that's a lot to you and me, it's a surprise to that in terms of other weathly individuals, it's not really that much. In fact, it's dwarfed by the estimated worth of the previous bidder to buy the Mets.

Steve Cohen, a 63-year-old hedgefund manager and CEO, sought to buy the Mets several months ago but the deal fell apart. His estimated worth stands at over $13.5 billion, according to Forbes.

It's pretty shocking when you consider how successful the power-couple is and has been, only to see a seldom talked about hedgefund manager whose bank account is soooo much larger than theirs (combined, by the way).

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