Ilion has had ongoing issues with the quality of its drinking water, and now the situation has attracted the attention of activist Erin Brockovich.

Brockovich is an environmental advocate, who rose to fame after her successful 1993 battle with California's Pacific Gas & Electric over alleged water contamination was made into a film, 'Erin Brockovich,' starring Julia Roberts.

On her public Facebook page, Erin writes:

"Clean Water for Ilion, New York...

What can we do to help? This is ridiculous, just another community drinking water system failing. I have read up on the many problems with your community water system... failing infrastructure and no funding is just the beginning... reading the water quality reports is indicative that they really haven't got a basic grasp on what they are doing. I don't want to be disparaging... but some simple fixes would go a long way. Granted... yours is but one of thousand of failing water systems in the United States... but come on... it's time to get smart. No more excuses."

Comments on the post include several from people who say they're Ilion residents, and express concern about what they say is an increased rate of rare cancers in the village. In the comments, Brockovich exclaims "THE WATER IS NOT SAFE!" (emphasis hers)

The Village of Ilion has been dealing with water issues for several years, and the situation seems to be worsening. WKTV Newschannel 2 reports that village officials hope to have the issues resolved by October 2018. "Bruce Morgan, supervisor of Ilion’s water treatment plant, says the design of the well, which is where some of the water supply comes from, doesn't work with the engineering system as well designer’s thought it would," according to WKTV.

Water is sometimes discolored and has an odor, according to residents.

Village officials explained that the issue lies in the way systems from different parts of the village work together - well water from one part of the village collides with surface water from another and causes sediment from pipes to become mixed into the water.

In her post, Brockovich challenges village officials to find a solution so that Ilion residents can have clean water - for once and for all. 

What are your thoughts on Ilion's water issues?

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