State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is urging New Yorkers to support the charitable organizations assisting the victims of Hurricane Harvey, while offering tips to ensure their donations reach their intended recipients.

Schneiderman says take time to research the organization, know where your money will go and give to established charities.

He also says give your contribution by credit card or a check made payable to the charity and be cautious with telephone solicitations.

“The damage and destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey throughout Texas and the Gulf Coast is simply unfathomable. There will be tens of thousands of victims who will lose their homes because of this storm, and I encourage all New Yorkers to assist in the ongoing relief efforts,” said Schneiderman. “Unfortunately, there are always some who attempt to take advantage of a tragedy to line their own pockets at the expense of those who are truly in need. New Yorkers who give to charitable organizations supporting the victims of this storm can review our tips to ensure their donation will be put to good use.”

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