UNDATED (AP) — Some of the lower 48 states are bracing for an Arctic air blast from a growing high pressure system fueled by the remnants of Typhoon Nuri which is moving east after blasting remote parts of Alaska's Aleutian chain with hurricane-force winds.

Frigid air is expected to begin blanketing the central plains, starting today in eastern Montana and the Dakotas and spilling south from there. High temperatures are forecast to be below freezing on Tuesday across much of Wyoming to Minnesota and parts of Iowa.

Forecasters say a weakened storm is only expected to bring gale-force winds typical for this time of year during the approach to the Alaska mainland's southwestern coast. It peaked in an area where almost no one lives, causing minor damage at Eareckson Air Station on Shemya Island, where 120 civilian contractors staff an early warning radar installation.

(Story by: The Associated Press)


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