New Hartford Mind Artist and Mentalist Robert Channing was included in the new NBC promo for their summer hit series, America's Got Talent, recently.

Channing, who auditioned for the program in New York City earlier this month, would not comment when asked if he moved to the next round.  The fact that he's included in the television promo, however, might serve as an indicator that he indeed does make the television broadcast.

Channing is included in the promo performing his 'speed art' stunt where in seconds he paints with what looks like invisible paint - but, reveals with a burst of glitter a full portrait.  Channing painted former AGT contestants Leon Etienne and Romy Low during their show at the Stanley Center for the Arts earlier this year.  The promo which airs on NBC reveals that the self proclaimed 'mind artist' speed painted judge Howard Stern.

America's Got Talent premiers on NBC on May 27th at 8 p.m..

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