It seems like all of New York state is split on whether or not they support the statewide mask mandate, but there is one person who is strictly enforcing the mandate.

On all Amtrak trains, you are required to wear a mask while you ride the form of public transportation. That change was implemented months ago, but some riders board the train and try to slip on by without wearing a mask, even now. 

One conductor on an Amtrak train to New York City told one woman to put her mask on, and she informed him that she did not bring one with her to ride the train. He politely informed her that she needed a mask to ride the train, to which the woman responded, “Well then you can get me one, can’t you?” in a rather challenging tone, I might add. 

The conductor left without a word, then he returned rather quickly with a disposal mask. After he gave the woman aboard the train a mask, he disappeared to the back of the train, and within a minute, he was making an announcement on the overhead speakers.

And he started to talk about masks and the mandate, so it was clear that the conductor had enough. 

“I understand you have your rights,” the conductor said. “You either want to wear it or you don’t want to wear it.”

The conductor urged on, asking people to please put on their masks. The announcement continued on for a few minutes, and you can listen to the tail end of his announcement, caught on the video below. 

It is hard to hear the conductor over the background noise of the train, but you can see parts of the announcement transcribed in the YouTube video description. 

I wouldn’t want to test this Amtrak train conductor.

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