UPDATE: After this post was published, the Buffalo Bills released a statement clarifying the rumors about potentially acquiring Antonio Brown. Team officials said they had inquired about a trade to get Brown, but as of Friday morning said that they were 'moving on'.

Josh Allen was probably dancing in the streets of Buffalo on Thursday night. But today, he may have put his dancing shoes away.

Bills fans were excited with reports that one of the league's best wide receivers, Antonio Brown, could be on his way to upstate New York to play with the sophomore QB, but early Friday other reports on the potential trade put a damper on Buffalo's excitement.

Ian Rappaport took to twitter Thursday say the say the Steelers were closing in a deal to ship Brown up North.

But, by early Friday morning, another NFL info source - Adam Schefter - quoted league officials as saying the deal wasn't likely and was never really that close to being with.

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