Story by: VICTORIA MILKO and KRISTEN GELINEAU, The Associated Press
JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — An investigation by The Associated Press has found that the Myanmar military has been torturing detainees across the country in a methodical and systemic way since its takeover of the government in February.
The AP investigation was based on interviews with 28 people imprisoned and released in recent months, photographic evidence, sketches and letters, and testimony from three recently defected military officials. The AP's investigation provides the most comprehensive look since the military takeover into a highly secretive detention system that has held more than 9,000 people. The AP found that the military has also taken steps to hide evidence of its torture.

The Hamlets of Oneida County, New York

Have you ever heard of a hamlet? No, not the Shakespeare character. It's a a small settlement, generally one smaller than a village and there are several of them in Oneida County. Some are more common than you may think. Others, you've likely never heard of unless you live there.

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Help Us Boost Utica, NY Area School Programs This Year

It's time to bring back a sense of normalcy to the classroom. That's why Townsquare Media Utica and our radio stations are rallying around our local schools and are ready to give them the boost that they need. We want to put the spotlight on the teams, clubs and activities that enrich the lives of our students.

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