The Republican candidate for the 119th Assembly District seat is promising to place term limits on his own tenure, if elected. He also is calling on other legislators to do the same.

As the current session winds down several lawmakers on each side of the aisle are in agreement that Assembly and Senate members should not make a career out of this public service.

The lone GOP candidate for the 119th district believes 8 years is enough for those who hold public office at the state level. Dennis Bova says, "there are too many people who have absolutely just lost faith in the institution of government." He attributes that to too much time in office.

GOP gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro also is proposing term limits and will term himself out when appropriate if elected. Bova believes all lawmakers at the state level, including the governor, should be limited to 8 years. That differs slightly from Molinaro's plan, which calls for Assembly members and Senators to be limited to 12 years.

Bova believes the conviction of Sheldon Silver should be enough for people to realize term limits are important. Bova says 8 years is, "more than enough time to serve your community and handoff the seat to someone with fresh ideas.”

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