Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay and members of the Assembly Minority Conference are calling for an immediate repeal of recently-enacted criminal justice reforms.

At a news conference held on Wednesday in Albany, lawmakers were joined by families directly impacted by the new bail reform laws, and law-enforcement officials who expressed serious concerns with the new requirements.

Barclay says this is the greatest public safety threat he’s encountered during his time in the Assembly.

“Standing next to grieving family members really drives home the need to repeal this law,” Assemblyman John Salka of Brookfield said. “People’s families are being devastated and innocents are being assaulted in the streets. This is a breakdown of public order and rests solely at the feet of the Democrat lawmakers who passed this reform last year. It’s not too late to repeal the law before more harm is done to blameless New Yorkers. Side with citizens, not criminals.”

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