It's okay to admit that this really is a big dill. Yeah, we said it.

Why Do So Many People Love Pickles

Large jar of dill pickle slices over white background.

Think about what your tastebuds do when you bite into your favorite pickle. Do you get a smile on your face that can't be removed? Here is why. Pickles give you sourness, saltiness, sweetness (sometimes), and many more flavors. They are flavors that can't be replicated in many other things.

A Festival Dedicated To Pickles

marinated pickled cucumbers isolated on white

If you get excited when you enter a grocery store and find pickle-flavored anything, then this festival is definitely for you. It is called the Rosendale Internation Pickle Festival. For 2022, this will be the 25th annual event.

Where Is The Festival?

Pickled cucumbers

It is in the name, it takes place in Rosendale, New York. Rosendale is located in the Hudson Valley. While that may seem far away, think about it as the last pickle sitting at the bottom of the jar, it still is worth the effort getting that pickle. It is worth the drive.

What Happens At This Festival?

Dill pickle

The festival does say, if it's pickled, you'll find it there. Beyond buying pickles, there is so much more. They have what is called The Pickle Triathalon too. In that, there is a pickle eating contest, pickle juice drinking, and for good measure, a pickle toss as well.

If you're interested, this year's festival will take place on Sunday, October 16th at the Rosendale Community Center in Rosendale, NY. For more info, click here.

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