Sometimes you have to wonder, what were you thinking? That is truly the case in a beer produced overseas and featured at World of Beer. At least it was featured at World of Beer. It's now been pulled from the shelves

World of Beer in Connecticut announced that it has pulled from the shelves, the beer made by Omnipollo called Yellow Belly Beer. It was yanked because of its' packaging which has a striking resemblance to Ku Klux Klan attire.

According to CTPost, "World of Beer announced this week it pulled one of its craft beers from the shelves after complaints that the bottle’s covering looked like the hood worn by members of the Ku Klux Klan."

Yellow Belly beer is no longer being sold at the national chain locations after backlash on social media, including a post on Facebook where a woman claimed her husband and friend purchased the $40 beer without any warning what it looked like, or information about the meaning behind it from the brewers, according to the publication.

A batch of the beer was released on April 20th and no-one seemed to make the connection. However, after people on Facebook started making the connection, World of Beer decided to take action.

On July 11th, World of Beer made this statement:

“Please accept our apologies for the lapse in judgment in serving,” the statement said. “While we can’t speak for the intent of the brewer, the visual representation does not have a place at our establishment. We appreciate you bringing it to our attention and welcome the opportunity for discussion.”

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