During this time of year, there are tons of light displays that pop up all over Western New York and across the border in Ontario. 

The Winter Festival of Lights in Ontario and the Festival of Lights in Hamburg, NY are perhaps the most well-known light displays, but there are some houses in Western New York that deserve an honorable mention. 

One house in particular is getting “street cred” as the ultimate Buffalo Bills Mafia House.

This house in Western New York has stepped it up this year with their light display. Not only do they have an elaborate light set up, but they also have music to go with it! 

Check out the light display below of the Butcher home in Buffalo, New York. 

I’ve never heard the shout song beat drop so hard…wow! What a remix. 

I wonder how long it took to set up all these lights with the music. I think my favorite part is when Josh Allen flashes on the garage and sings the “hey-ey-ey-ey!” in the Shout! song. 

There was another home in the Hamburg area that’s not too far from Allen’s house that actually dedicated a lighted Christmas shrine to him. You can see pictures of that here

The Bills Mafia is stepping it up this year with their decorations! It makes me want to take a tour around all these lighted homes. 

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