A major discount clothing and shoe retailer is officially going out of business and will close all of its remaining stores across the U.S., including those in New York.

It has been an extremely rough year for large and small businesses alike. Inflation, a change in consumer spending habits, and increased competition from online retailers has forced many stores to close down for good.

Locally, Central New York saw the closure of several businesses that had served the area for generations. Last month, the family-owned business Mazzullo and Sons Carpet & Flooring closed down after serving Oneida since 1948. Another family business out in Syracuse was also forced to shut down due to rising costs.

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An even older locally-owned business was lost in 2024: the 140-year-old Freihofer's bakery chain, which closed all stores including its location in Verona.

Nationally, the picture seems even worse. Just this year, Applebee's and Red Lobster abruptly closed a string of stores to stay afloat, the major grocery chain Stop & Shop was forced to shutter several "underperforming" stores to continue operations, and the last-remaining Sears serving the New York area folded.

Another retailer that once ruled America is also dangerously close to going under, which could happen this year.

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While that fate is still being decided, another discount retailer announced it will close all of its locations across the United States after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

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Bob's Stores, which was down to just 2 locations in New York is having a "liquidity crisis" and must close all locations after serving the Northeast for almost 70 years. The last remaining Bob's can be found at 191 Centereach Mall in Centereach and at 135-187 Sunrise Hwy in West Islip.

Bob's Stores president Dave Barton said in a statement, "We regret that our financial position necessitated the liquidation of Bob's Stores."

As of right now, Bob's Stores is hosting massive liquidation sales and is offering discounts up to 70% off regular price. Aside from clothing and shoes, the chain is also considering selling its fixtures, equipment, and furniture.

Stores will accept gift cards, store credit, or exchanges until July 14. Shopping must be done in person, as the company also shut down its website for renovations.

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It's disappointing to see another great retailer close down for good. Growing up in Connecticut, I remember shopping in the original Bob's Store in Middletown for my sports gear.

Hope to see this store come back in some way after it emerges from bankruptcy... but I am not holding my breath. Are you?

Let us know which retail chain you miss the most by giving us a shout via the station app's chat feature by clicking below.

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