One of the best-known grocery chains in the Northeast announced it's closing an unspecified amount of stores.

Yet another business with ties to New York is closing multiple locations. The news follows what can only be described as a landslide of abrupt closings.

Retro Fitness in Yorkville ceased operations on May 22, a few days after Wheelock Rides out of Syracuse took its final bow. Not only that, Freihofer's bakery shut its doors for good after 140 years, including its Verona location.

And, just yesterday, BNY Mellon announced it's shuttering its Oriskany Business Park location.

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These local closures come as national chains like Red Lobster and Applebees shut down several of their locations due to financial constraints.

The bad news keeps coming because now Stop & Shop, which has 100 stores in New York, will also scale down its portfolio.

kc0uvb from pixabay
kc0uvb from pixabay

The supermarket chain didn't reveal just how many stores will cease operations, but the chain did confirm the stores slated for closure have been earmarked for underperformance. A spokesman said the company wants to ensure a "stable and thriving future" by focusing on core markets.

No information was provided as to when these grocery stores will blink out of existence.

This news is a little heartbreaking to me because I grew up shopping at Stop & Shop, as it was the closest grocery store to my house.

In the years since, Stop & Shop became somewhat of a meme to those who frequented the stores because they unleashed googly-eyed robots to patrol the aisles. If this is news to you, just know these machines are very real and very, VERY unsettling.

It soon became a game to not run into Marty the Robot during a grocery run and you could echolocate his whereabouts at all time because he always let off a shrill and constant beeping noise.

Perhaps Marty is the reason Stop & Shop is struggling. No one likes picking up a box of Juicy Juice while looking into the soulless, yet giant eyes of a roaming robot. It's always easier to blame the robot.

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