The Utica Police Department and the community they serve continue to grapple with the officer-involved shooting that happened Friday night.  Authorities say around 10:18 p.m. on June 28, police conducted a stop of two juveniles on the 900 block of Shaw Street in relation to an investigation.

One of the juveniles fled during the stop, said UPD, and displayed what appeared to be a handgun.

Body Cam Footage Courtesy of UPD
Body Cam Footage Courtesy of UPD

Police say an officer discharged his firearm, which struck the 13-year-old juvenile. The juvenile succumbed to his wounds after he was taken to Wynn Hospital.

Utica Police released details of the incident early Saturday and held a press conference around 10:30 that morning. UPD Chief Mark Williams assured the public that his agency would engage in full transparency with regard to what they can share during this investigation.

Around 9:45 p.m., the Utica Police Department released body worn camera footage via Google Drive and identified the officers involved in the shooting and the victim. The victim was identified as 13-year-old Nyah Mway of Utica. The officers involved have been identified as Officer Bryce Patterson (4 Year Veteran), Officer Andrew Citriniti (2 1/2 Year Veteran) and Officer Patrick Husnay (6 Year Veteran) who fired the fatal shot.

Body Worn Camera Footage from Officer Bryce Patterson (4 Year Veteran)

Body Worn Camera Footage from Officer Andrew Citriniti (2 1/2 Year Veteran)

Body Cam Footage from Officer Patrick Husnay (Officer Who Discharged his Weapon)


UPD directed the community to access the google drive and view all footage. As of 10:49 p.m., the maximum amount of downloads was reached.

WIBX independently reviewed the footage and will share some of the content below, including photos of the replica BB pistol found at the scene.

Photo of Replica Glock Found at the Scene

Photo Courtesy of UPD
Photo Courtesy of UPDPolice Body Cam Footage Courtesy of UPD

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The subsequent investigation determined that the juvenile male was in possession of "a replica GLOCK 17 Gen 5 handgun with a detachable magazine," according to police. The Attorney General's office is investigating the incident to independently determine if charges should be brought against the officer involved.

Utica Police officials have emphasized the point that they will continue to engage in full cooperation and transparency when it comes to dealing with this tragic shooting. They pray for healing in the city, the surrounding area, and the family of the 13-year-old juvenile.

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