It was an odd scene at Fenway Park in Boston on Wednesday night as a banner about racism and baseball was briefly unfurled over the Green Monster. It was soon removed and the fans responsible ejected. 

''Racism is as American as Baseball,'' the huge banner read.

Many people aren't, or initially weren't, sure what to make of the message.

Was it calling attention to the issue of racism in America? Or, was is excusing it as just an ingrained fabric of American culture?

In media reports, I've seen those who hung the banner referred to collectively as 'the group'.

In a video posted on the YouTube account 'Boston Antifa', a man whose face is partially covered with a scarf says the act of protest was conducted because 'minorities barely seem involved', adding that Major League Baseball ''should be dissolved, like the confederate monuments the Nazis are defending across the nation. Let's remove it and replace it with something of value to all people.''

The man continues, ''A sport where, perhaps people who identify as non-male make up 50-percent of the league. Not just a sport for white, male populations who refuse to acknowledge that Black Lives Matter. ''

The speaker also references Red Sox former owner Tom Yawkey. A street outside of the iconic ballpark bearing his name was recently in the headlines as current 'Sox owner John Henry said he was working to have the street named due to Yawkey refusal to integrate African American players onto his team during the 40's and 50's.

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