All-Star Game Memories Still Fresh For MLB Pitcher Frank Viola
You can tell it in his voice. Frank Viola is proud to have been selected to three MLB All-Star Games. Thirty years ago, Viola, along with teammate Howard Johnson, represented the New York Mets as part of the National League squad in Toronto. This was the Long Islander's third time being select…
A Sweep in June Seems Worse Than It Is
Now let’s take this series in perspective. The Yankees have played 77 games. More than half of the season is left. Yes they have lost all 6 games to the Red Sox but they play them 8 more times in July, 2 more in August and a final 3 in late September. There is time.
Former MLB Commissioner's Dad Memories Of Football Legends
You could never have enough good stories to share on Father's Day. Having a catch at a little league field in the early morning before heading out to treat dad to his favorite meal, or tossing a football around, and reminding each other when training camps open, it's fun. It's private…
McLain's Baseball '68 Season Greatest Of All-Time
With over 100-plus seasons of professional baseball to choose from, Denny McLain turned in the single greatest individual performance.
More so than in any of the four major pro sports in America , statistics is what separates baseball from the rest of the  bunch.
Former Mohawk Valley DiamondDawg Hurls MLB No-Hitter
Congratulations to former Mohawk Valley DiamondDawg John Means, who on Wednesday tossed a no-hitter for the Baltimore Orioles, and narrowly missed the rarest of the rare, a perfect game.
Means, who spent one summer in Herkimer County as member of the Mohawk Valley DiamondDawgs, retired all 27 Seattle…

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