The man filing suit to determine whether Senator Ted Cruz is eligible be President of the United States now says both Cruz's parents voted in Canada in the 1970's.

Newton Boris Schwartz, Sr. is a Houston area attorney who wants the issue to be settled once and for all. Joining the WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning show on WIBX 950 on Wednesday, Schwartz shared new information which he says he has uncovered - that both of Cruz's parents voted in a 1974 election in Calgary.

That would mean Cruz is not eligible to be POTUS, says Schwartz, because in Canada you cannot have dual citizenship. In other words, his parents identified as Canadian, and only Canadian.

Schwartz sent a copy of the amendment to WIBX.

He planned to release the information to national media outlets later in the day on Wednesday, he said.

Cruz was born in Calgary to an American mother (born in Delaware) and a Cuban father.

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Below is the full audio of Schwartz's interview on WIBX:

Fox News Radio Legal Analyst Lis Wiehl joins Keeler in the Morning to discuss Cruz's eligibility and whether the issue of his parents voting in Canada is relevant"

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