Congressman Anthony Brindisi was joined by town officials in Floyd on Friday to announce his plan to improve rural broadband coverage and hold the FCC accountable for coverage gaps.

Brindisi unveiled a three-point plan to fix the FCC's coverage maps and ensure upstate communities have better access to broadband.

The plan includes an internet speed test that can be taken at home, a broadband survey and a mail survey.

Residents interested in taking part in Brindisi's survey can visit the Congressman's website.

"For many families here, our internet service ranges from terrible to non-existent," Brindisi said. "I need your help to collect the facts and bring the true story to Washington and the FCC. Since the FCC is doing a poor job mapping coverage that includes our rural communities, we are going to have to do it for them."

The FCC uses broadband coverage maps in to determine where to spend federal infrastructure dollars.

photo courtesy of Congressman Brindisi's Office