Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi was joined by disability advocates at the Resource Center for Independent Living today to speak out against a bill recently passed by Congress.

Brindisi says the ADA Education and Reform Act would significantly weaken the Americans With Disabilities Act and set the country back 25 years.

He says the legislation would give businesses six months to develop a plan and show progress in addressing barriers to accessibility before a lawsuit is filed against them for not complying with the ADA.

The Assemblyman says the burden of proof should not fall on the disabled.

“Approval of this legislation is going to set back disability rights by decades. I have been fielding calls from constituents who are very concerned about what might happen. For almost 30 years, the ADA has been seen around the world as a milestone of civil and disability rights.  The law has led to many positive changes in the design of streets and buildings so people with disabilities can lead productive lives in our communities.  Now, Congress has passed legislation that would erase many of the positive gains we have made in society toward accessibility for all." said Brindisi.

Brindisi is calling on members of the U.S. Senate to block any vote on the bill.