Congressman Anthony Brindisi has released a public letter to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau relating to Spectrum Cable and Credit Management LP, a Plano, Texas debt collection company they've partnered with.

Brindisi is calling on the Bureau to investigate Spectrum's debt collection practices.  The CFPB routinely conducts oversight of business practices on behalf of consumers.

He says fighting Spectrum on rising rates also includes making sure they can't use debt collection as another money-making tactic.

“A consumer should not be sent to a debt collector, without warning, for a missing remote control. That is both unfair and a sneaky way Spectrum might be padding its bottom line, which would be unacceptable, worthy of investigation and potentially in violation of federal rules,” Brindisi said.

Brindisi is urging constituents being contacted by Credit Management LP on behalf of Spectrum to call his office at (315) 732-0713.

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