Congressman Anthony Brindisi has introduced the Transparency for Cable Consumers Act in the House.

Brindisi say the bill would provide better oversight of cable and internet providers.

Under the Transparency for Cable Consumers Act, if a cable or internet company is fined by a state Public Service Commission, it would be required to report:

  • The number of cable and broadband internet customers in each county
  • The average cable bill and broadband internet bill amounts in each county
  • A full accounting of all fees charged customers in each county
  • The average broadband internet speeds delivered in each county

As a member of the state Assembly, Brindisi led the fight against Charter/Spectrum after he heard from thousands of constituents unhappy about frequent rate hikes, slow internet speeds and poor customer service.

"I've heard from thousands of Upstate New Yorkers who are sick and tired of dealing with frequent rate hikes, poor customer service, and failed promises," said Brindisi. "This is more than just an inconvenience. For families on fixed incomes, an unexpected rate hike could wreck their budget. And for people in rural communities, crawling internet speeds can take away their connection to jobs, health care, information, and important online services. When a company enters into an agreement, it should be required to hold up its part of the bargain.  We can't keep giving these companies a free pass. If we don't hold them accountable, nothing will change."

Brindisi introduced his legislation during National Consumer Protection Week.

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