Congressman Anthony Brindisi hopes better information will lead to better decisions when it comes to federal aid for flooding at the Sauquoit Creek River Basin.

Brindisi was joined by local officials in Whitesboro on Wednesday, touting a thorough report on the damage and devastation caused by extensive flooding last Halloween. The report was commissioned by The Sauquoit Creek Basin Intermunicipal Commission and outlines neighborhoods and homes that were submerged in floodwater, displacing families. The report also shows out-of-bank flooding upstream of the CSX bridge in Whitestown complicates the flooding issue and leads to longer-lasting damage to public and private infrastructure.

The 22nd District Representative is submitting the findings to FEMA and USDA, seeking further mitigation efforts and home buyout programs.

Despite pleas from state and federal officials, FEMA denied assistance to homeowners, families, and business owners whose properties were devastated by flooding.

Below are copies of the reports Brindisi is sending to FEMA and USDA.


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