A local state lawmaker says National Grid’s request for an increase in electric and gas delivery charges for its upstate customers could lead to more families facing shutoff notices, and to more businesses considering moving out of state.

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi has written to Interim Public Service Commission Chairman Gregg Sayre, asking him to carefully review National Grid's request.

National Grid says it needs more revenue for infrastructure improvements and to hire more technical staff.  Brindisi says that goal can't be met by placing the burden on the backs of struggling families and business owners.

The average family would pay $180 more a year if the increase goes through, and Brindisi says that's unacceptable.

“National Grid has shut off a record number of residential customers over the last two years—more than 66,000 each year.  If this ill-advised plan goes through, this number will only increase.  I also am concerned that larger commercial customers would see their bills go up by an average of over $1,100 a month.  This type of rate hike could be the death knell for some of them already faced with high operating costs,” Brindisi said.

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