Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi was at the thINcubator in Utica on Thursday to push new legislation to bring Net Neutrality back to New York.

Brindisi says repealing Net Neutrality would drive up internet costs here at home and kill access for people and businesses.

He says his push is the direct result of the federal government egregiously voting to do away with Net Neutrality, while setting the stage for a "haves and have nots" internet.

Brindis says the internet should not become a toll road.

He's co-sponsoring legislation that would require internet providers doing business in New York to certify they don't slow or speed up web traffic for certain people or businesses, at the expense or gain of others.

"As New York looks to attract and retain our top talent, support innovative new companies and foster a culture of entrepreneurship, protecting net neutrality becomes a vital piece of our economic infrastructure. It will ensure innovative businesses can develop and scale their companies on a level playing field, and also continue to allow our small businesses to sell their products and services around the globe without unnecessary barriers. Perhaps most importantly, it will make sure that access to all aspects of the web is available to all,” said Ryan Miller, Director of the thINCubator.

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