We hope to see you at "Utica On Tap", the largest craft beer event in Utica on Saturday, March 22nd at the Stanley Theater. Over 60 craft beers to sample (for the 21 and over crowd with valid ID), including two brews from the Brooklyn Brewery.

First, here's who they are, according to brooklynbrewery.com:

"Brooklyn Brewery makes beer. Good beer. Not only does it taste good and make your meal better but we like to think that since its founding in 1988, Brooklyn Brewery has brewed flavorful beers that enrich the life, tradition and culture of the communities it serves. Its award-winning roster of year-round, seasonal and specialty beers have gained the Brewery notoriety as one of the top craft beer producers in the world.

Brooklyn beers are currently distributed in 25 states and 20 countries.

The Brooklyn Brewery is located at 79 North 11th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 11249 between Berry Street and Wythe Avenue."

Mario Tama, Getty Images News

Brooklyn Brewery is bringing two of its beers for sampling: "Brooklyn Lager" (it's flagship beer) and "Brooklyn Dry Irish Stout". Here's a description of each, according to brooklynbrewery.com:

"Brooklyn Lager

Brooklyn Lager is amber-gold in color and displays a firm malt center supported by a refreshing bitterness and floral hop aroma. Caramel malts show in the finish. The aromatic qualities of the beer are enhanced by “dry-hopping”, the centuries-old practice of steeping the beer with fresh hops as it undergoes a long, cold maturation. The result is a wonderfully flavorful beer, smooth, refreshing and very versatile with food.

Style: American Amber Lager

Malts: American Two-row Malts

Hops: Hallertauer Mittelfrueh, Vanguard and Cascade

Alcohol by Volume: 5.2%

Brooklyn Dry Irish Stout:

Brooklyn Irish Stout is brewed the old-fashioned way, without the nitrogen addition. A large portion of the grain is roasted like coffee beans, developing the typical color and flavor of this beer. Aside from British pale malts, the beer includes caramel malts, black patent malt, unmalted black barley and a proportion of flaked raw barley, which helps the beer develop a beautiful, thick natural head. The famous East Kent Golding hop lends to the earthy aroma. The beer is neither filtered, nor fined and has a light, brisk carbonation. Be sure to serve it with “two fingers” of foam, and enjoy the flavor of Brooklyn Irish Stout. Slainte!

Style: uh...Dry Irish Stout

Malts: Two-row English, black malt, black barley, caramel malt and unmalted barley

Hops: Willamette, Fuggles, Cascade, East Kent Golding

Alcohol by Volume: 4.7%

Availability: January-March"