Thursday, March 31, 2016


6 AM Hour


Donald Trump is backtracking somewhat on comments he made about the possible punishment of women who have abortions.

New York's budget deadline is tomorrow, April 1, 2016.  Will the budget pass in time?

Tonya J. Powers is on from Fox News.  Keeler says that he is now convinced that he is working for Hillary Clinton.  Clinton will be in Syracuse tomorrow.

Keeler has created a "#Cuse'ton Here We Come" T-shirt.  A portion of the proceeds will go to charity,  The little girl who called Houston 'Cuseton by mistake after learning of Syracuse University's successful entry into the Final Four will be on tomorrow to pick the charity.

There was a guy on "Wheel of Fortune" who won about $76,000 on Friday.  he was solving puzzles with only one letter present.

A clerk at WalMart was entertaining customers.  One clerk voiced characters from "Scooby Doo" while checking out a customer.

A couple on Long Island with a son with Down Syndrome "hid" eggs on their lawn.  An elderly woman helped herself to some and was then followed by some children.  Monaski is appalled.

Is there an AIDS problem again in New York?  We will discuss.


A Mississippi girl has admitted that she tried to join ISIS.

A federal judge is looking into the lawsuit against the Utica City School District.


A potential customer stole a car after using another allegedly stolen car for collateral.

We talk more about Keeler's sleep study.  He has to go for another test.



7 AM Hour

'Cuseton, Here We Come T-shirts are available.

Political pollster John Zogby joins us to talk all things Election 2016.  He says that Donald Trump, in his comments on abortion, actually retracted something in this campaign.  Zogby says, "He really has nothing to say of any substance."  Keeler asks about Zogby's prediction that Hillary Clinton would not ultimately be the Democratic nominee.  He also discusses the ultimate viability - or lack of sustainability - of the Tea Party.  Of the current GOP party situation Zogby says it is really a conundrum.  "A conundrum is worse than a dilemma...Door A and Door B are really no good."

Happy Birthday to:

  • Adelin Buljubasic
  • Katie Franklin from Fonda
  • Maria Romano from Rome

The birthday cake from the Florentine Pastry shop birthday cake goes to Dave Rowlands.  Congratulations!

On the phone from Pakistan is Father John Tanveer.  He witnessed this past weekend's Easter bombing in Pakistan for which a Taliban-inspired group has claimed responsibility.  He says that Pakistan is a very different country that it was before 1971.  He said that dissidents are hanged; so many Christians have died, so many people have been killed.  He heard the bang from the explosion and saw the smoke when he went outside of his house, which is close to a children's park.  He described seeing blood everywhere.  The main target, he says, is Christians.  He says that the greatest needs there are food, medicine, and education.

Father Tanveer says, "We are not safe and are trying our best always."

8 AM Hour


Tim Trent's soundbite about the Mohawk Valley / Central New Yorkers for Trump event this weekend sounds a little like something from the old days of radio.

Kylie Dodge will join us tomorrow to talk about her inadvertent T-shirt idea.

"T" joins us to talk about what Father John Tanveer had to say about the situation in Pakistan.

Dominick Nicotera, President of the Mohawk Valley Boxing Association, joins us to talk about an upcoming charity boxing event at Mohawk Valley Community College on April 9, 2016.

John Naegele of McCraith Beverages is in with Founders Brewing's Mosaic Promise.  Founders is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Don from Ilion calls in with a thought about how the guy won on Wheel of Fortune.

Utica on Tap is coming up and there is still time to get tickets.


Intern Ryan gives his thoughts on the upcoming political elections.

Fox News' Eben Brown joins us to talk about the new Mississippi law that would permit armed guards in churches.







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