With the growing popularity of craft beer and locally produced wine and spirits, many folks are beginning to plan their vacations around cities with popular craft breweries and events.

If you are really intrigued by craft beer and breweries but don't know where to start other than the F.X. Matt Brewery, then HopPlotter is definitely for you.

With Utica On Tap Coming up April 30th, you have the chance to sample a ton of fantastic craft beer from all over the country, and now with HopPlotter you'll be able to plan a trip to that new brewery you just discovered!

HopPlotter allows you to create a map of your trip with every brewery along the way marked.

This means whether you're planning a day trip to check out local breweries, or heading across the country to visit relatives, you can pick and choose every brewery you want to visit along the way.

HopPlotter lists each brewery with other information such as hours of operation, if they serve food and if they are kid-friendly or not. Some of the breweries are linked to their social media accounts so you can see if there are any events planned that you don't want to miss.

HopPlotter is planning to add new features in the coming months too. Soon you will be able to save the breweries you've visited, and use that information to help you choose other breweries based on your personal likes and dislikes.

You can start planning your next 'Beercation' now at the HopPlotter website, or download the app from the Apple App Store (an Android version of the app is coming later this year).


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