Get ready, Buff-vegas, the Buffalo Bills are set to spoil one of the games of the inaugural season of the Las Vegas Raiders.

While the dates for the 2020 season are not yet official as the 2019 season wraps, we do know that the Buffalo Bills will be playing away at Allegiant Stadium.

716 Memes on Facebook has put out a call for the Bills Mafia to take over Las Vegas for the weekend. Not a bad idea - and any reason to hit up Sin City, are we right?

The Buffalo Bills are playing the Raiders in Las Vegas next season. Definitely a game Bills fans should takeover! 😈

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Early reviews of the stadium say it will be quite the improvement on the ol' Colosseum, KSNV reports,

Ray Trudeau, who was joining Geveshausen in town for the rodeo, was also thrilled at what he saw.

“It’s pretty impressive,” said Trudeau. “It’ll be the coolest venue in the country. For sure, we’ll be back.”

The progress outside the stadium is becoming much more apparent.

On the I-15 side, nearly all of the grey tinted glass panels have been attached to the steel superstructure, as well as the opaque panels that form the decorative trim around the state-of-the-art stadium.

So what say you, Mafia, is it worth the trip to Vegas to see the new stadium and show Las Vegas how the Bills travel?

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