When you think of the worst city in New York state to drive in you'd immediately think of the Big Apple. But you'd be wrong. This city is among the worst in the country and it's a long way from New York City.


Buffalo has the honor of being the worst city in New York to navigate when behind the wheel. It landed at number 13 on Wallethub's list of Worst Cities to Drive In.

I've been to the Buffalo airport a time or two, which was an easy enough drive. The traffic in and out of the Key Bank Center is another story. Although the bumper-to-bumper traffic can be blamed on Garth Brooks having back-to-back concerts in one night. The same can be said for Highmark Stadium anytime the Buffalo Bills are playing at home. And let's not forget the Thruway during a snowstorm. Now THAT'S the worst!

Major Snowstorm Pounds Buffalo
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New York City

New York City was a lot further down, coming in at 96. Wait, Buffalo is worse than New York City? Have you driven in the Big Apple? It's a madhouse. It could be why it is among the top places with the highest hours spent in congestion. On the bright side, it's the lowest for car theft. Probably because no one owns a car. Most people use public transportation.

Credit - Andres Herrera via Unsplash
Credit - Andres Herrera via Unsplash

North Carolina

North Carolina seems to be the state with the most places with terrible commutes. It's home to three of the top four worst cities to drive in with Raleigh coming in at #1. Greensboro and Winston Salem are third and fourth worst. Charlotte and Durham also made the list.

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