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A cat found in the town of Trenton has tested positive for rabies, according to the Oneida County Health Department.

Officials did not disclose the circumstances that led to a sample being sent to the Wadsworth Lab in Albany to be tested, but say the animal was positive. Two people who were exposed to the cat have received post-exposure treatment.

Oneida County Health Department officials are reminding the public about signs that may indicate an animal is infected with rabies. Those signs include the animal acting strangely or aggressively. However, signs may also include the animal acting very shy, but getting unusually close. A sure indicator is foaming from the mouth, officials say:

If you see an animal, wild or stray, with these signs, do not approach it and stay away.  If any animal is acting strangely, call your local animal control officer for help.

The OCHD these rabies vaccine recommendations for many common domesticated animals:

  • All cats, dogs, and ferrets three months or older must have a current rabies vaccination, even if they stay indoors.
  • Dogs and cats must receive a rabies vaccination at three months old, one year, and then once every three years.
  • Ferrets must receive a rabies vaccination every year.

You can learn more about rabies here.

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