Many people believe eggs sold at Central New York Walmart stores are the eggs included on the list of those that have been voluntarily recalled. WIBX has learned that may not be the case.

Although the 'Great Value' brand eggs do have the same UPC code and are included in the Julian Date Number range of the impacted eggs, there is one distinct difference.

If you look closely at the side of the egg carton you will see a series of different numbers. There is a 3-digit code on the bottom row of numbers all the way on the left. That code is the Julian Date, which counts the number of days from January 1st that egg was hatched.

Right to the right of the 3-digit Julian Date is the Plant Number. That is the key difference between the recalled eggs and the Central New York Walmart eggs.

Andrew Derminio
Andrew Derminio

According to the FDA website, the recalled eggs have a plant number of "P-1065." The eggs purchased by WIBX from the North Utica Walmart has the Plant Number "P-1417." You can see where to locate the Plant Number on your eggs in the photo above. The red circle indicates the Plant Number.

Here are the three key things, according to the FDA recall notification, you need to look for to see if your eggs are possibly tainted.

The affected eggs, from plant number P-1065 with the Julian date range of 011 through date of 102 printed on either the side portion or the principal side of the carton or package, as follows:

It then goes on to list the UPC codes for the impacted products. Be sure you check that the three numbers all match those on the recall notice. You can find the original list of UPC codes by reading the following story:

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