The New York Mets will be without the centerpiece of their offense until the start of next season - and, that's if they're lucky. 

Slugger Yoenis Cespedes is set to have season-ending surgeries on both of his heels, leaving him on the shelf for an estimated 8-10 months, or longer, the team announced Wednesday.

After missing exactly half of the team's 162 games in 2017, Ces' will play in just 38 in 2018.

Pinpointing the problem, has been a problem. It's been reported as hip, calf and leg soreness/strains, but the actual source of his pain is coming from his heels - via

MRI results showing calcification and bone spurs on each heel and team officials believe it's spurred his hip, hamstring, calf, quad and other leg complaints in recent years. It's believed the issues with his heels date back to his teenage years. The now-32-year-old returned to the lineup last Friday after a near two-month absence; As DH in last Friday's win at Yankees Stadium he hit a solo-homer, but hasn't played since.

"As to whether this surgery completely heals it, there are no guarantees. But one thing is sure: This is the only option we have at this point,'' Mets assistant GM John Ricco told the media Wednesday.

In 141 at bats in 2018, Cespedes has hitting .262 with nine homers and 29 RBI.

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