Two years ago, Schenectady High School suffered a terrible tragedy.

Then an 18-year old student-athlete, Naylon Carrington tragically lost his life in a car crash in October of 2020. Carrington had just graduated from Schenectady High that summer, and while he was a member of the Patriots, he played for the school's boy's basketball team.

Nearly two years later, on what would have been Carrington's 20th birthday, his mom and former coach have put a plan into action that will memorialize him in a wonderful way.

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Schenectady to Name Central Park Courts After Naylon Carrington

As reported in a story done by CBS 6 in Albany, the Schenectady, New York community has come together, and will be naming the basketball courts in Central Park after Naylon Carrington, a change that will go into effect on Wednesday, June 22nd.

Carrington played basketball during his life, and was known by his teammates as someone who would spend hours on the court, getting better at the game he loved. His former coach, John Miller, remarked on how much of a team-first player he was, and how he never made excuses, and would always do things the right way.

It was Miller who said that Carrington's mother was the catalyst for this name change, and helped form a petition that went all the way up to the Mayor of Schenectady.

An overhead view of the Central Park Basketball Courts / Google Maps
An overhead view of the Central Park Basketball Courts / Google Maps

The petition was successful, and plans were put in place to officially change the name of the Central Park Basketball Courts, to the Naylon Carrington Courts. A ceremony is scheduled for June 22nd, according to the report from CBS 6.

First and foremost, this story breaks your heart, and it should. 18-years old is far too young for a person to lose their life, and for a family to lose a loved one. That being said, thousands of passionate basketball players will play on those courts in Central Park from now on, and every single person will be honoring the memory of Naylon Carrington, a young man who's passion for basketball was admired by everyone around him.

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