Known as a beloved friend who put smiles on the faces of customers for four-decades, a Central New York business owner is sharing the sad news of his passing.

Bosco, an African Grey Parrot and mainstay at The Sneaker Store in New Hartford, passed away over the weekend, his owner Rich Karaz said on social media Monday.
via Rich Karaz on Facebook
via Rich Karaz on Facebook
Karaz shared the sad news on Facebook, addressing the Utica community and friends of Karaz Shoes and The Sneaker Store:
Friday night it was business as usual with sharing a little bit of whatever we were eating. He was happy, vocal and whistling tunes with is the norm. He's always on his perch overnight but Saturday morning was different. We got him out of his cage and tried to assess while giving him a resting place on Pam's lap for several hours. We placed a towel back in his cage hoping that perhaps he was just stunned by an overnight fall and needed to rest and recover. His condition didn't change and he slipped away peacefully around 12:00.
African Grey Parrots are known to be extremely intelligent and are often referred to as the 'Einstein's of the Bird World'. And, their owners often say the bird is aware of and can sense human emotion, experts say.
"Bosco was an amazing creature who brought happiness and smiles to friends and customers for over 40 years and to see his empty cage really hurts... A special thank you goes to Scott Young for his sincere care and relationship with Bosco and to my wife Pam who spoiled him with attention and snacks. Bosco is now free. He has flown over the rainbow bridge to join God's creatures who crossed before him. will never be forgotten," Karaz wrote on Facebook.

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