Utica, NY (WIBX) - If you, or someone you know, has hoarding issues, Decluttering Coach Deborah Cabral would like to help.

According to Cabral, during a recent National Association of Professional Organizers convention, she was asked to be featured as an organizing specialist for the popular TLC show, "Hoarding: Buried Alive."

She said in order to be considered, a candidate must meet certain criteria.

"It has to be somebody that has extreme disorganization," Cabral said. "They also have to be willing to allow us into their home and willing to have the help, both from myself as the professional organizer, and in some instances, a therapist is there to help the person deal with any of the issues that may have caused the chronic disorganization."

Cabral said the show focuses on decluttering homes and providing therapy to help hoarders "reclaim their lives."

"Hoarding, basically, is usually an outward result of an emotional issue," Cabral said. "So, it's basically, some people turn to gambling or drugs or alcohol. Hoarding is just another way to deal with, usually, a traumatic event that occurs in their life. It's usually been a divorce, a death in the family, sometimes the loss of a career or job."

For more information about nominating a home, visit Cabral's website here, or email her at deb@decluttercoachdeb.com.

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