Oh my trash! A car was seen in Rome that was almost filled to the roof with takeout containers, cups, pizza boxes, and just plain garbage.

What in the holy heck is going on. I've heard of pack rats stockpiling everything inside their homes but I've never heard of a hoarder on wheels. Or it's just taking laziness to a whole new level.

Credit - Miranda Carpenter
Credit - Miranda Carpenter

The trash filled car was seen in a parking lot on Black River Boulevard in Rome. Miranda took a picture of all the garbage that almost fills the vehicle. "This is crazy," she said.

Forget the junk in the trunk. The trash comes to the roof in the back seat and over the passenger side window, leaving no room for anyone but the driver. Although, I'm not sure anyone would want to ride in it anyway.

Just imagine the smell inside that vehicle, especially on a hot day. And what's under all the trash, or crawling around inside it?

Credit - Miranda Carpenter
Credit - Miranda Carpenter

Hoarder Disorder

This could be a case of hoarding disorder, where a person experiences distress at the thought of getting rid of the items, according to the Mayo Clinic.

People with hoarding disorder may not see it as a problem, making treatment challenging.

Hoarding Disorder Results

  • Piles of items like newspapers, clothes, paperwork, books, or sentimental items
  • Crowding living areas, making the space unusable
  • A buildup of food or trash to unusually excessive, unsanitary levels
  • Significant distress or problems functioning
  • Conflict with others who try to reduce or remove clutter

Why do people with a hoarding disorder save what others think is just junk?

  • They believe these items are unique or will be needed at some point in the future
  • The items have important emotional significance — serving as a reminder of happier times or representing beloved people or pets
  • They feel safer when surrounded by the things they save
  • They don't want to waste anything

If you or a loved one has symptoms of hoarding disorder, the Mayo Clinic suggests talking with a doctor or mental health professional.

Whether this is a disorder or laziness, it's definitely a case of safety on the road. There's no way the driver can see out the back window or even the passenger-side mirror.

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