Congressman Anthony Brindisi has issued a statement following President Donald Trump's National Address on border security.

Brindisi says,

The President’s address to the nation underscores my main hope: to end this needless shutdown before it does lasting damage. We just passed a bipartisan legislation in the House to re-open the government and hopefully the President’s message tonight will spur Mitch McConnell to bring this same bill to the Senate so we can address comprehensive border security and immigration reform in a functioning government.

President Trump spent just under 10 minutes telling the American people his concerns over border security and what his plans are to fix the ongoing problem.

Democrat leaders Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer issued a rebuttal address criticizing Trump's approach and blaming him for the partial government shutdown.

The shutdown enters its 20th day today and talks are set to continue today on reaching an agreement to reopen the government.