Nate Rosenhaus has gained a bit of a cult following in recent days.

The drummer-turned-bat boy for the New York Yankees during their series in Cleveland drew a lot of attention from fans earlier this week for his legendary long haired look. Not everyone was impressed, however, as one New York Yankees' broadcaster voiced his disappointment with "Nate the Bat Boy" and his fashion choice.

If you ask Michael Kay, rules are rules with the Yankees, but what do you think about it?

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Yankees' Voice Michael Kay Rips 'Nate the Bat Boy" for Famous Hair

New York Yankees' television broadcaster Michael Kay had a lot to say about Yankees' bat boy, Nate Rosenhaus, and has drawn ire from baseball fans for his remarks about his hair. Many fans deemed Kay's comments overly harsh, and criticized the broadcaster for his "rules are rules" stance on the matter.

Was he too harsh? You be the judge:

Personally, I agreed with the masses, and believed that Kay's take was absolutely ridiculous. If Rosenhaus was a member of the team, making millions of dollars to wear the pinstriped uniform, then Kay's argument would have more meaning. 

In this case, however, he's a non-roster employee, who is likely being paid by the hour. Leave him alone.

At some point during the game yesterday, though, it appeared as though Nate's famous hair had mysteriously disappeared. Had the team decided that he needed to make a change during the middle of the game?

Luckily, the Jomboy Media Yankees' page was able to confirm that the hair had returned to its normal length moments later:

How popular is "Nate the Bat Boy" becoming? Well, he was able to snap a picture with Yankees' first baseman, Anthony Rizzo, which was later posted to Twitter:

Look, I understand that Michael Kay is the voice of the New York Yankees, and as such, is supposed to act as a representative for the team and its values. That being said, there was no reason for him to take a shot at an innocent bat boy, simply because of his hair.

Bat boys have other jobs, believe it or not. In the case of Rosenhaus, he's actually the drummer of the band The Open Doors, and according to The New York Post, is hoping that his recent brush with fame could help the band get their "big break".

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