Governor Andrew Cuomo is launching the “No Hate In Our State” campaign to fight hate and anti-Semitism in New York.

The campaign features a series of comprehensive proposals in the 2021 budget, including a first-in-the nation domestic terrorism law.

$25 million would be invested for religious not-for-profit organizations vulnerable to hate crimes and an education curriculum on diversity and tolerance will be created for students.

"The rash of anti-Semitism and hate crimes that has been spreading across our State and the country is a virus. I thought that New York would be immune from it, but I was wrong,"  said Cuomo. "I want to make it clear that anti-Semitism has no place in New York, and this year we are going to fight this rising tide of hate with bold legislative action to deter violence, protect our citizens and educate our people about the causes and terrible consequences of hate."

The governor has also launched a new website as part of the campaign.

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