Governor Andrew Cuomo is launching round VII of the Regional Economic Development Council initiative.

The annual competition will award more than $800 million in state economic development funding to ten Regional Economic Development Councils across the state.

This year, the Regional Councils will compete for up to $150 million in capital grants and $75 million in Excelsior tax credits for projects identified by the Councils as regional priorities in their communities.

"The Regional Economic Development Councils have successfully brought local communities together like never before, spurring economic growth from the ground up and creating jobs across New York," Cuomo said. "With the seventh round of the REDC awards, the state will continue its partnership with local governments and community leaders – making smart investments in our cities, towns and villages to give the Regional Councils the tools needed to build their communities for years to come."

Through the first six rounds, the Mohawk Valley REDC has received $444 million for 462 projects.

The Mohawk Valley was named a "Top Performer" in 2016.

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