Governor Andrew Cuomo is updating New York’s coronavirus numbers.

Cuomo says total hospitalizations are at 642, but there were 11 COVID-19 deaths on Sunday.

Of the over 57,000 tests conducted yesterday, 608, or just over one-percent were positive.

The governor also says 27 additional establishments in New York City were issued violations last night for not following coronavirus restrictions.

Cuomo says while the vast majority of restaurants and bars are in compliance, a few bad actors are not.

"A situation that we're watching is lack of compliance, particularly among young people, bars and restaurants. That's not unique to New York—it's a national problem—and even the president of the United States said young people shouldn't go into packed bars,"  Cuomo said. "I've said for weeks that local governments are not doing what they need to do, and they have to step up.

He says New York State will continue to enforce health laws that prevent the spread of the virus.


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