It's a huge understatement to say that the Bills are struggling with injuries lately.  But they did have a glimmer of hope today.

Dane Jackson filled in nicely after the departure of Bills cornerback Levi Wallace for the first game and a half of the Bills season.  Unfortunately, that nice start was halted by an injury just before halftime as the Bills took on the Titans on Monday night football.

Jackson had a head-on collision with his own teammate Tremaine Edmunds just before halftime that rightfully had fans holding their breath.  It was a nasty looking injury that ended with Jackson being carted off to ECMC in an ambulance.

Luckily, he seems to be progressing very well.  He was able to feel his extremities when he got to the hospital and was able to walk out of there that night.  While he returned to practice prior to the Miami game, he wasn't able to participate.

That changed today.

Dane Jackson returned to practice today on a limited basis.

Aside from the implications of how this will help the Bills, it's just really good to see that he is getting healthy again and that the injury (hopefully) won't have any lasting impact on him.

The Bills are doing what they can to shore up the secondary.  They're going to miss rookie cornerback Christian Benford for a couple of weeks with a broken hand.  But today they signed veteran all-pro cornerback Xavier Rhodes to their practice squad. That should help in the interim as the Bills wait for all their veterans to get healthy and return to the field.

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