I got the cutest jacket the other day at TJ Maxx in Poughkeepsie. It was my size, and I knew just by looking at it that it would fit just fine so I didn’t bother trying it on. Maybe if I had, I wouldn’t have bought it. It fit perfectly, but it had to be washed three times before I could get rid of the perfume smell left by someone who did try it on. I have a message for that person.

I’m sure when you splashed on that bottle of perfume before you went shopping you didn’t realize how inconsiderate you were being. It probably never even occurred to you that there are people who don’t like perfume. People who get headaches smelling it, or people who have allergies. You may not know this, but there are people who don’t want to hug you because they don’t want to smell your perfume on their clothes or hair all day. People who don’t want to sit in a closed car with you. People who dread sitting next to someone like you at a concert or movie. People who don’t want to buy a brand new jacket and bring it home only to find that it smells like your perfume which, believe it or not, some may find offensive.

I’m not trying to insult you or your choice of perfume. I’m just saying that you don’t have to use so much. And if you’re going shopping and think you might be trying on clothes, why not skip the perfume altogether? It really is frustrating to have to wash a brand new item several times because it smells like someone else’s perfume. I’m super-sensitive to that kind of thing, and I know there are a lot of people out there just like me.   

Sorry if I offended you, but I’m just trying to give you some good advice. Your friends are probably too nice to tell you, but if you cut back on the perfume I bet they’ll be thankful. I know anybody who buys a piece of clothing that you tried on will be.  Thank you. 

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