Dave and Dana Olney of Whitestown created a backyard oasis that included a large backyard pond and they filled it with large beautiful orange koi fish. Recently, an Osprey with a wing span of better than 4-feet took notice.

The Osprey, a once severely endangered lean brown and white hawk that feeds almost exclusively on fish from lakes, ponds and rivers, is now a healthy species in Upstate New York and they really do have eyes like a hawk. The Olneys never gave it a thought because they live in a suburban neighborhood several miles from the Adirondack Park. But environmental experts say the Osprey population is so healthy in New York now, that they live anywhere there's water, from New York City to the north country.

Osprey attack in coy fish backyard pond in Whitestown, NY. (Photo courtesy of Dave and Dana Olney.)
Osprey attack in koi fish backyard pond in Whitestown, NY. (Photo courtesy of Dave and Dana Olney.)


Luckily, Dave and Dana Olney have cameras all over their property, including 2 that are focused on the backyard and the pond. The cameras were able to capture live video of Osprey swooping down into the pond and snatching the fish out of the water. During one attack, the bird could barely hold on to the fish and as it flew away, the fish fell out of its clutches and dropped to the patio below.

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In another attack, the Osprey got a better grip and was able to fly off with what would turn out to be an asian delicacy, a colorful orange koi fish which would most likely not be a part of an Upstate New York osprey's diet. The koi fish, native to Asia are used for decorative garden ponds and are actually a variety of carp. The cold water fish adapt to various climates but are more likely to be found in man-made ponds in climates like New York.

Osprey attack in koi fish backyard pond in Whitestown, NY. (Photo courtesy of Dave and Dana Olney.)
Osprey attack in koi fish backyard pond in Whitestown, NY. (Photo courtesy of Dave and Dana Olney.)

Watch the video below and you'll see a few approaches by the osprey, including the unsuccessful attempt in which the koi fish was dropped on to the brick patio. By the way, that fish survived as the Olneys were able to put it back into the water.

Dave and Dana Olney have now protected their koi fish pond. A netting is now draped over the pond to keep the large birds of prey away from their fish.

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