Using a laser light from his gun during a presentation with officials from Sweden, a top aide to Governor Cuomo highlighted not only his subject but also the fact that he was breaking the law...that is until another official quickly rectified the situation.

Jerome Hauer has been swiftly granted a waiver for the gun that he has apparently regularly carried to events with the Governor, in strict violation of state law.

The Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services Commissioner was hired  by Cuomo in 2011 and coworkers say he has been carrying the gun to work ever since.

James M. Odato of the Albany Times Union reported that Hauer was issued a waiver in January after the paper reported that Hauer was seen carrying the weapon while working.

Odato is reporting that RoAnn Destito granted the waiver after State Police Superintendent Joseph D'Amico declined to do so.  Odato said this in his article:

Destito is the former Assemblywoman from Rome, New York, representing the 116th District which is now served by Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi.

While Hauer was originally licensed to carry a gun, he had not been authorized to carry it to work prior to receiving the waiver.

Calls and an electronic mail to the Office of General Services have not been immediately returned.  It is noted that many state offices are closed today, February 13, 2014, because of the severe winter weather in the region.


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