Apple just released its newest iPhone operating system and some users might be happy to know that you can change the voice of Siri - wait...who?

If you are still using a landline or, even worse, a flip phone (it is cool to be retro, but not to be outdated), and if you have no idea who Siri is then you might just be lost in the technological world.

Are you more of a Luddite, refusing to be a part of the new age?  Or are you a bystander who just has no idea what is going on but finds it amusing that we are all so connected, and ridiculously addicted, to finding new ways to communicate?  Out of breath? Comment on our Facebook page and vote in today's Question of the Day:


And, oh yeah, just who is Siri?  She is the woman behind the voice of the iPhone.  You can meet the real woman behind the voice here:


Meet the Woman Who Provides the Voice of Siri

When it comes to Siri, we finally have a face - and a name - to go with the voice. In this profile of the work involved in making computers speak, we get a look at the ultimate voiceover artist - that's right, we meet Allison Dufty, the woman who provides the now-iconic voice of Siri for Apple phones in the US.